The male to female transformation services

If you’re looking for a haven where you can explore your desires for crossdressing, you just found it, and it’s Gloss Hong Kong. Our male to female transformation services includes everything from crossdresser makeovers to transgender makeovers. We want to provide you with a place where you can explore your deepest fantasies. That is why we created a spot in the city where you can be “you,” without any judgment or close-mindedness.

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Here at Gloss, we understand that the world has certain expectations of you as a man. Moreover, we know that is not always easy for a man to express his feminine side without facing criticism from his peers. Hence, since your story is also our story, we know that a guiding hand can be crucial on the journey to self-discovery. The most helpful things you can expect from our male to female transformation services is joy, happiness and beauty.  

Our goal when we created Gloss was and still is the same, to offer men the pleasure of transforming themselves. In our studio, the feminine is celebrated. We find delight in lace touching the skin, and in fresh lipstick spread across the lips. We want to provide you with the feeling of elation when you look in the mirror, and you find that a gorgeous woman is looking right back at you.

We’re going to end this introduction with the famous words from RuPaul:

”When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.The overall commentary on what I’m doing is saying, 'Hey look! I get to create whatever persona I want to, and it’s all up to me. And the truth is, we are all basically the universe — pretending to be humans for a brief moment of time.”

What can you expect from Gloss’s transformation services male to female?

Let’s stick with the RuPaul philosophy for just another moment, so we can use it to explain what our transformation services male to female is truly about. According to him, society is only comfortable with labels, because that is the easiest way for us to stay in line. However, what Gloss is trying to do is to give you a little piece of freedom that doesn’t require any labels.

In fact, when you think about it, we are in the business of happiness far more than we are in the beauty industry. Even though we use makeup palettes and corsets, our primary mission is to make you happy.

The services

If by any chance you enjoy wearing women's clothing and putting on makeup, we are here for that. Gloss offers three packages:

Silver Package 1 hour – With this package, you get to enjoy the basic services we have to offer, which include makeup and dress up. Our team of girls will sit you down in front of a well-lit mirror and give you the makeover of a lifetime. After you’re done putting on false eyelashes and bright lipstick on your lips, we get to doll you up.

Gold Package2 hours – This is the most popular offer we have here at Gloss because it offers you the optimum amount of time to do almost everything. In fact, because of the extended period, we can enjoy your company, and we’ll also be able to do a quick manicure. The gloss doesn’t have to end only on your face, but it can extend to your nails as well. After we’re done with the prep and the silky lingerie, we can snap a picture, if you like.

Platinum Package3 hours – The most indulgent package is, of course, the longest one. That’s because we get to pamper you with makeup and feminine trinkets for three hours while you’re marvelling at your beauty in the mirror. Everything for a manicure to a set of false eyelashes will be at your disposal. You can try as many wigs and heels as you want.

“Forced feminization” is another service we offer at Gloss. It’s exactly as it sounds, a small group of girls turning you into a sexy, beautiful woman. They will make sure you look like a goddess when they’re done.

However, we have to let you know that Gloss doesn’t offer any type of sexual services.

The magic of crossdressing transformations male to female

What is the magic of crossdressing transformations male to female? The answer is quite simple really; it’s utterly thrilling and very amusing. We appreciate the feminine world, and we want to help you get immersed in it. We know that sometimes it can be confusing with so many labels, shades and makeup techniques. That is why it’s better to have a team of professionals cater to your every need.

Our girls will teach you how to do your makeup and help you choose the most flattering colours. If you’re going for a shocking look, always combine gold and green on the top of the eyelids. On the other hand, if you want a soft and delicate look, pink and brown shades are the best. Don’t forget we have to put on the eyelashes, too, because they will make your eyes look stunning!

Male to female transformations Hong Kong I Gloss

At Gloss, we also have the largest collection of wigs and heels. However, that is just one of the reasons Gloss is the best place for male to female transformations Hong Kong has to offer. In fact, while we’re on the subject of stilettos:

“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don't have.” - Christian Louboutin

Well at Gloss, the stiletto is definitely a weapon you can have, and what’s more, we carry all sizes. Just imagine how good you would look on 5-inch heels and a beautiful long red wig? Of course, you can always opt for the blonde wig, too, if such is your desire!

Gloss’s male to female transformation services will turn you into a happy and free person, at least for an hour or two while you’re here.

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