Founder En Femme

A Tourist to Femininity

I’m in the same boat as you. I’m only a tourist to femininity but wouldn’t choose to live there full time. It started as a sexual thing, a rebellious act: feeling right because it felt wrong. Crossdressing resembled to me a strange inexplicable comfort, a sense of inhabiting and experiencing life from the opposite end of the spectrum. I’d walk by a group of girls and find myself aroused by menial things: the scent of perfume, the soft lace panties riding up their backside, the sound high heels on concrete, the reflection on a pair of plump, glossy lips. I appreciate femininity so much that I wanted to be surrounded by it, wrapped up in girly-ness. I’d fantasize about women doing my makeup and dressing me up in their clothes. I got tired of trying to explain myself to small-minded strangers. I wanted to create a place…

…where fantasies like mine could become an actual reality.

Being a biological man in society, I have a social image to uphold and I know you do too. That’s why I created Gloss. I cannot stress enough how much we value discretion in our humble studio. What happens here stays here; I promise you that.

-Scarlett Sensi