MTF Transformation Studio HK

Gloss is a discrete male to female transformation service in Hong Kong. We offer crossdresser makeovers by appointment in our private beauty studio.

What makes us unique?

At Gloss HK, our mission is to create the real-life feminization & sissification scenarios you might fantasize about every day. We’re not a traditional boudoir; we aren’t dominatrices waiting to dominate you. We aren’t a traditional dressing service; we’re not focused solely on the end result. We are a collective of open-minded beauticians focused on providing you with a unique experience: being dressed as a woman by multiple women. We put on a performance to make you feel like your fantasy is coming to life: “We bet you’d make a pretty girl! We’re gonna dress you up and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Submit to us and just let it happen.

We love feminization and sissification. It is a controversial art that we believe should be given more attention, especially in Asia. The exaggerated feminine features and the feeling of femininity being forced upon an individual; an indulgent experience for all the senses. Do like dressing up like a girl? We’re gonna make you love it.

Welcome to Gloss HK, the Temple of Feminization.


“Forced” Feminization

While walking past a group of ladies wearing high heels, short skirts, and bright red lipstick, do you fantasize about them stopping you and asking, 'can we put makeup on you' or 'can we dress you up like a girl'? Maybe forcefully, maybe playfully? Perhaps they’re walking towards you holding a tube of lipstick. Pucker up! Whatever way you've pictured the scenario, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Please note, our services are NON-SEXUAL.

Once inside our studio, you’re just another one of the girls.

Relinquish all control. Let us take you by the hand and guide you through feminine bliss! We'll start by sitting you down and covering your face in full makeup. Once you're nice and pretty, we'll have you get undressed privately and into some cute lingerie before we put you into a pretty wig. We have all different sizes of high heels, so don't you worry. Once we have an outfit picked out for you, we'll make you wear it and model it for us. Hopefully you can walk gracefully in your heels! If not, we’ll teach you. Depending on which package you choose, we might even get to do your nails! Awww look how pretty you are! Time for photos. Say cheese…

We are proudly friends of Hong Kong BDSM.

We are proudly friends of Hong Kong BDSM.

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