Private Feminization Studio


We have everything you need:

Our dressing room is fully stocked with lots of makeup, nail polish, drawers full of panties, bras, sexy lingerie, leggings, tights, corsets, and realistic breast forms. We have several styles of wigs to achieve your best look and every kind of high heels and boots you can imagine to show off your legs and butt. Our clothing racks are full of cute dresses, skirts, tops, and a few slutty little numbers including a school girl uniform and a french maid’s outfit ;) Come take your pick! But be warned, if you are too indecisive or hesitant, we will pick out your clothes and make you wear & model them for us while we play photographer.

We will make sure to remove every last bit of makeup before your departure. If you’d like to be extra sure, we have a shower that you’re more than welcome to use.

We invite you to our small slice of paradise:

A lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s business district, our private studio is located less than 30 minutes from Central.

The exact address will be sent to you once your appointment date is confirmed.