“I recently visited Gloss for a makeover that Miss Scarlett kindly arranged. It was a blissful experience where I was able to let go and enjoy all things femme, without feeling self conscious at all. 

The first step was the choice of clothing. I brought quite a lot of my own clothes. That was fine. I mixed and matched with Gloss’s extensive wardrobe, with the help of the girls. Lingerie underneath and the right skirt and blouse, with a pair of sexy heels. The girls were super helpful in helping me make these difficult (for me) choices.

The next part was makeup. Now that I was dressed I already felt very feminine but there was more to come. One of the girls started the process by firstly considering my natural complexion to best choose the right mix to make me look as passable as possible. Eyelashes, lipstick and for me I wanted a slightly understated look at first, which she accommodated. Once it was done, Wow, I was pleasantly surprised how passable I was. 

Makeup wasn’t the end of it. We had to choose the right hair. I brought four wigs. We narrowed that down to two. Miss Scarlett has plenty in the gloss wardrobe too. Anyway we tried on each one and the girls helped me choose the right one that suited my features, and importantly for me, was age appropriate.

I was then ready to pose for photos and to walk around and bask in my own beauty. I truly felt gorgeous. The girls helped me with my posture for photos and carry myself more en femme during my escape. It was so much fun. We took lots of photos with my camera phone. Anonymity is important for me and the girls were completely respectful and understanding of this. Then sat down and examined the photos and really liked several. 

Then, the second girl glammed up my makeup to the next level, which was more flamboyant. I wanted to contrast an understated look with a more glamorous one. It was wonderful. Very skilful girl! Then I changed my heels and outfit to then pose for a completely different set of photos. We took some more fabulous photos and I got better at posing during the session as the girls gave me feedback on posing, and I was clearly learning.

How the time flew! Before I knew it, three hours had passed and my makeover was over. There was a no rush atmosphere that made me feel so much at ease. The experience has given me a greater appreciation of what I can look like and be. I loved being the centre of attention and a queen for the day. Highly recommended!”